Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Local Food Finder

The Local Food Finder application was created by Emporia Area Local Food Network member, Ben Stallings, to assist shoppers in finding local and/or organic foods in their areas. This user-contributed database is free to anyone and especially useful in helping shoppers share information about where to buy local and organic foods.

The application is currently being used in Emporia, Kansas and other communities are welcome, invited and encouraged to use it, too. The more people who use and contribute to the database, the better the tool will be.

If shopping local and buying organic is important to you, consider adding this free application to your smartphone to help increase awareness and assist others as they shop for local and organic food.

From the website:

LocalFoodFinder.net is a free service to help grocery shoppers share information about where to buy local and organic foods.

Use it to plan a shopping trip:
Just enter your zip code and see which stores in your area carry each of the local and organic foods on your list. The site is designed to be used on any smartphone, so you can check the list while you're out running errands.
Share what you know:
If the information is incorrect or incomplete, simply log in and select the store whose inventory you want to edit. The editing form is designed to be used on your phone right in the store, so you can update the information as you shop.

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